Naque was created to inspire unique names

for products, companies, pets, or even people

No one wants to have the same name as everyone else. Yet, picking names is a mind-bending task. So, the good folks at Perceptus Solutions Inc. (that's us) put this little site, Naque, together to try and do our part to make life that much easier.

Our tools, and other related stuff are listed on the menu at the left. We'll be adding to them as time goes on. Feel free to use our tools, all we ask is that if you find a creative name for a person, or company, or pet, or whatever, using our website, please drop us a line in Naque Forum, recommend us to your friends, and maybe lend us a link on your website.

This site is owned and operated by Perceptus Solutions Inc. a tiny web and computer services firm based in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. The Naque for Unique Names has been running since 2003!

No warranties of product quality are provided with respect to the use of this site or it's output. All content is copyright. Yada, yada, yada. :)

P.S. Yes, Naque did name itself. We word-mixed "unique", "name", and "create". Then we tested a couple finalists using the multiple language dictionary, to make sure we didn't inadvertantly insult entire communities, and Google to make sure there aren't too many other folks using the word Naque.

P.P.S: Throughout this site we use the term "syllable" quite liberally. While we have tried to create tools that use and recognize syllables in the correct way, it isn't even close to perfect. That said, it's easier to call everything we use a syllable, rather than a pseudo-syllable or something along those lines.