Some interesting, useful, and fun links

related to picking names or the Naque for Unique Names

If you have another name related link, please feel free to suggest additional sites by making a post in the Naque forum. The more the merrier, I say!

Fantasy Name Generator
Randomly generated names suitable for all kinds of Role Playing Games (or picking a new Elven name for yourself...)

Random Name Generator
This site uses old US census data to create new, obscure names for people.

Yahoo!'s List of Name Generators
Yahoo!'s fairly comprehensive list of name generators for various topics.

The Magic-Dictionary
A free multi-lingual dictionary for console unix/linux - with a working online demo. It takes your word and translates it into a few different languages. Very cool.

Buzz Word Generator
A fun buzz word/phrase creator. It also has Corporate Buzzword Bingo!

The Page of Generators
A big collection of name generators and links to name generators.

Chris Pound's language machines
Scripts and word lists in many languages to create names. Quite extensive!
A fun site dealing with words in general. Anagrams, funny headlines, and more.
A site dedicated to helping to choose good names (for people). A great collection of related, name choosing links too. - List of Most Popular Names
A large list (with total counts) of the most popular names for a variety of ethnic groups. Find out how many Americans share your first name.